Monday, March 20, 2006

Wet lists, Wayne's World and Wonderful Vixens

First, fuck homeland security. Don't really like them in real life, and hate them in 24. I love that they still threaten Jack Bauer with "reprocussions" for his actions. Also, they are fucking Billy Boy Buchannan. He has had his power taken away one too many times for my liking.

Second, how the crap did Chloe get the wet list from NSA with a couple mouse clicks? Did it not take Mr. Tom "Scientology" Cruise as Ethan Hunt, a whole movie to accomplish the same thing? Didn't he have to break into an NSA facility to get it, using a cable system and trying not to produce sweat? Also, although I'm not as upset about Edgah "Doughboy" Stiles being killed, why didn't they just have Chloe killed?

Third, I like seeing "Wayne's World" Palmer back in the mix. He is as shady as they come in the 24 world, but you need a snake to hunt a mongoose (or is it mongoose to hunt a snake). Anyways, he is a snake, and the vice president is a mongoose (or the reverse of that). I like the fact that he is gonna shake things up, and that 24 has decided to bring back every character still alive. Also, apparently he cannot drive a benz faster than an A-Team van, but that is ok.

Fourth, I love that sexy information swapping little vixen. She is sassy and I love that accent. She has a little Mischa "OC" Barton going on, but minus the OC. If I don't get to see Kimpossible, then she will suffice for a couple episodes (where did Kimpossible go anyways, she and Barry are fine now?) And, I won't talk about what this vixen divulges, but how many times are people going to sell information to shady (yet sexy) information dealers?

Finally, I'm tired of the "Unan1mous" commercials. If I was on that show, I would be a poor grown up crack baby that had AIDS and cancer, but a cure would in my future if I could get my hands on that money. No, I would not vote for anybody else, unless I was in a little alliance with the possibility to get a decent cut of the cash. And Prisonbreak, I watched the episode tonight. I'm not impressed. Break out, then the show will be over. Great planning by Fox (the same channel that axed the best comedy on television starring the Bluth family).

Thats all for now.
- A dash


Blogger JKow said...

A$$, I'm going to have to say that I was a lot more excited about getting a new Prison Break than 24 last night. And now, after the fact, I'm going to have to say that 24 continued to suck last night while Prison Break delivered the goods. I mean, I don't know. I've only seen about 6 Prison Break episodes (compared to every 24 show), but 24 has more than dropped the ball lately.

btw, Austin, you missed a great quotation opportunity... and I'm gonna capitalize:

"Is Wayne Palmer gonna have to choke a bitch?"

1:08 PM  

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