Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Feelings on an Awful Episode

Should I feel bad that I was chanting "Rudy, Rudy, Rudy" when Leslie was running through CTU to turn off that switch? Should I feel worse that I was doing the same thing when he started dying? And Tony cannot be dead by my standards, no montage of non-beeping at the end of the show, and the fact that he always survives (a mere 8 hours got him past his car exploding).

This had to be one of the worst episodes of 24 in the 5 years (or days have you). People standing in a room in CTU and the President being a bitch is a complete description of that episode. I have very little to comment on, because my observational humor can only go so far. On that note I have some 24 and non-24 stuff to tackle.

First - Edgah is lashing out from the dead (or at least Mr. Lombardi is). An article online has his description of when he learned that he was being killed off. "My character was loved more than any character on that show and you kill him?" Also, "I don't know why they did it," he says. "And, to be honest, I think it's a silly move. I think it's a move that they will probably regret. The character was so loved it's not even funny." He also says that it was an attack on Louis Lombardi, and not just on Edgah. (Read it all at

Second - Non-24 related, does anyone here watch The Shield? I'm not the biggest fan of the show, but my roommate insists that a Vic Mackey v. Jack Bauer fight would be one for the ages, and I now agree. So anyways, I was watching last night and one of the guys is going to jail but he opts to go to Mexico instead, no big deal. Then a mere 15 minutes later I was at a bar in Coconut Grove (where to go in Miami when you don't go to South Beach), and that guy was standing right next to me at the bar.
I opened with, "Hey man, I just saw you on TV."
He came back with, "Nice, glad to hear you like the show."
Then I said, "I didn't say I liked the show, I said I just saw you on TV, but I appreciate what you are doing."
He said, "Well do you like the show?"
Me, "It's ok, I'm more of a 24 fan myself. But you boss [Vic] is badass. Are you going to die next week? And why aren't you on South Beach?"
Him, "Yeah he [Michael Chikilis] is pretty badass. I can't tell you if I'm gonna die, or they could take away some of my money. I can't go to South Beach everynight."
Me, "Well, do you want a beer?" (I don't know why I bought an actor a beer, because he could buy me one. I think I was trying to get him to hang out, even though I didn't really have much else to talk to him about)
Him, "Yeah sure, make it a Corona."

So that was my brush with TV greatness last night. There is no way that guy doesn't get killed next week, because he was shooting a new pilot in Miami. Otherwise, I'm still upset about the crappiness of this weeks episode. They need to get Jack back in the field to kick some ass, because he can only choke Barry so many times. They also need to get Kimpossible out in the field, hopefully on a strip club assignment.

- A dash Money


Blogger WitzPickz said...

HOLY LORD! That The Shield story is one of the best stories I've heard in years. I'm imagining the whole thing going down in the "Did you just throw up on me?...." "No..." type attitude. Amazing. You're so the beast of the week.

10:05 PM  
Blogger A Money said...

ha, he did die. by a grenade no less. poor kenny (formerly known as Lem in the shield universe).

7:44 AM  

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