Monday, March 20, 2006


The Following Realization Took Place Between 7:00AM and 8:30 AM Several Days After the Writers of 24 Effed Us!

As I told JWitz on the Instant Messenger Thursday night, I feel like my dog died. (Well, I think this is how I would feel… I’ve never had a dog.) I’m so bummed right now that I can’t even write. I mean, I think it took me like 8 tries to put a first sentence down.

You may ask, “Tuesday AM Blogger, why are you so down all of the sudden? Tony died on Monday night.”

And I would respond, “I was in denial. For 3 days.” (My posts from the week clearly prove that point.)

And it’s not as though I just watched a recording for the first time, either. On Monday night, I watched the needle go into Tony’s heart. I saw Jack cry. I dropped an F-bomb, and I slammed my sandals on the Ottoman. I saw it. I reacted. And yet it didn’t register.

He’s not dead. Not Tony.

I don’t know if I rationalized him coming back or something. I mean, Tony wasn’t really trying to kill Henderson with a needle, was he? He was probably giving Henderson something to wake up… so that the bastard would feel cold steel in his mouth before his brains were splattered across the infirmary. Right?

I was in denial. And I didn’t get it until I looked at Tony’s profile… “DECEASED”.

Honestly, I was in a haze my whole ride into work after I read that one word. I was sad that I can’t use Tony “Scarface Montana” Almeida (which I had been holding onto for a week now.) I was embarrassed at the absolute BULLSHIT that I posted this week. And most importantly, I was PISSED!!! Effing TONY! I really want to know wtf the writers were thinking! As JWitz said the other night, “they killed Edgah, Lynn, and Tony in way too short a period of time.” But I counter with, “who gives a isht, THEY KILLED TONY!” Big Ho was completely right, Keifer was crying when Tony died, not Jack.

No Palmer. No Dessler. And now, no Almeida. J-NOT-effing-over-it was completely right: the writers are dicks! And they effed us. (“But dicks also eff assholes”… but that’s not the point here.)



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