Saturday, March 11, 2006

The following took place when I woke up at 6:30 on saturday AM... for no reason

I wanted to get my record 117th comment/post for the week, so I figured I'd post another ~shortie. I also wanted to see if I can wake the sleeping blogger giant in all of us and finish this week out strong.

Last call:

Edgah, I just wanted you to know how well liked you were: even Tuesday AM Cheerleader (who gave up on 24 midway through last season) was legitimately sad to here that you passed. Unfortunately, however, we must carry on without you. I admit it, though. It's going to be incredibly hard to blog... without the crutch of a fat joke anymore.

Turning the page...

Ah, I can see it now. I see some siri-ous A$$ whooping in your future:

-How ishy was it when Tony had to look at Michelle's body? I felt for the guy.
-More importanly, who else hoped Tony's face was all messed up when he removed the bandage? Not for spite, mind you (CB: one of People's 50 most beautiful, I believe). I love Tony. I always have. I was just really hoping that we could call Tony "Twoface" for the rest of the season. I just think that it would be amazingly awesome for Tony to be all mangled when he finally teams back up with Jack, and they whip out their Dostovels (sorry, I'm beating a dead horse with this one) and raise the body count.

I loves me my action:
-How'd they keep this one under the radar? X-Men 3 in what? like 3 months? sick!
-So that movie looks pretty much awesome. Even though I knew what they were bringing in Juggy and the Colorado NHL Team, I really thought they were alluding to Sentinels at the beginning. You know, all the stuff about "Mr. President, the mutant problem must be solved" and stuff. That reeks of Sentinels. And frankly, it smells great. With the key addition of 2 particularly LARGE X-men (one blue and furry and the other silver and shiny), there'd be nothing sweeter than a coupla "Fastball Specials" in this flick.

Baue down, itches!


PS: How awesome has Bill "THE MAN" BuCANNON become all of the sudden?


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