Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I'm Holding My Breath For Next Week's Episode to be Good or I'm Leaving...SO WHY THE HELL DIDNT THEY??

SIRI-OUSLY! I forgot to write this in my first post. Remember how Anonymous Soon To Be Dead Security Guard and Sean Astin held their breath for like 5 minutes? Why didn't they hold their breath for five minutes and LEAVE CTU!??? I don't care if they locked it down or what. You can leave that building or you damn well TRY. You don't just sit there and wait until the floppin and foamin' at the mouth sets in (can Nerve Gas death spasms be referred to as The Foam Dance from now on?). My point is this: You ever take a shower in a communal dorm bathroom and all of a sudden, you know someone just took care of bidness and it's all you can do to not throw-up? What do you do? Do you breath gasping breaths and pass out on the floor that moments before weren't trusted with your bare feet? NO! YOU HOLD YOUR BREATH, FINISH THAT SHOWER, AND GET OUT OF THE BATHROOM because YOU'RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME! This same principle applies to nerve gas and CTU. It's a flawless analogy.

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Blogger JGeto-ver it said...

Another hole in the plot:

DUCT TAPE!!!! Jack tapes up the hatch and says to Cloe "don't worry, it won't leak"

WTF!!! THAT'S YOUR SOLUTION RIGHT THERE!!! Just freaking duct up the doors. Instead of being recorded as one of the shows biggest downer episodes, it would have been the episode that duct tape saved the day. It would have spawned a million websites about the untold abilities of the unstoppable Jack Bauer/Duct Tape combination. Finally, and most hilariously, Sean Aston could have died in his room because he DIDN'T HAVE DUCT TAPE!


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