Monday, March 06, 2006

Terrorists... when will they ever learn

So, this is my first post, taking place between the hours of 12am and 1am (east coast time), my name is Austin. Witz and I had a little talk earlier and he invited me to post about 24, and being that Jack Bauer decides the fate of the world with every passing second, I thought it would be a good idea to post.

I would never doubt the abilities of Jack Bauer and CTU, but the terrorists are getting dumber and dumber. Like tonight, would it kill a terrorist to ever wear a hat so the overhead cameras couldn't see them. Once you get behind closed doors, bam, throw on a trusty Sox cap and CTU could never identify you. And why even challenge Jack? If you are being interrogated and not cooperating, somebody is getting shot in the knee. Don't terrorists realize that Jack has killed 93 of their kind in the first 96 hours? (I have no idea how many this season) Also, why do terrorists always hang out in dimly lit rooms with some computers? Why do they always use satellite phones with huge antennas? Why do the head terrorists always wear suits? (Look back, all of them always do)

Some other quick thoughts
1) I disagree with Witz, because I am extremely happy that Kimpossible Bauer is back. When 24 is in day 25, she will be President and Tony Almeida will be running a rebel group outside of Nicaragua.
2) What do you think Edgah's last thoughts were? God, I love that bitch Chloe? Or, dammit I'm so pissed I won't be alive for Microsoft to premiere Windows Vista, which will finally shut up those goddam Mac lovers?
3) My Aunt went to private school with Audrey Raines (not a good point, just wanted to show my connection to 24)
4) I heard the line for Chloe smiling this season is at about .0004%
5) I hope the show "The Unit" (ridiculous name for a non-pornographic show anyways) will fail miserably. Only in the hope that day 6 will actually take place before day 5, so that David Palmer can return to the 24 universe.

Thats all for now,
- A Money


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