Monday, March 06, 2006

The following took place while the WEST SIDE!! was still watching this ish

Opening word: "wow"

2 thoroughly enjoyable hours of tv right there. Tony got up and the ish went down. I was so compelled by the return of Kim-othy "I-can't-act-but-I'm-a-really-hot-blonde-and-my-new-bf-is attempting-to-contend-with-Novick-for-title-of-the-'head skeaze'" Bauer, that i had to post before I went to bed. (come on now. I'm full of crap. who am I kidding. I'm just obsessed w/ this thing).

so Kim's back. I was hoping for at least a "oh she's hot" initial feeling. eeeeennggt! (that's a buzzer sound)-try again. so then I was hoping she would make a quick exit and suck some syntox right in front of daddy. that obviously didn't have a prayer of happenning. instead of kim, edgah eats it. siri-ously, wtf!?! now we'll never get the awkward Edgah-Chloe affectionate embrace taht I've been hoping for all season.

(writers dropping the ball the ball note: who wasn't hoping that Edgah expressed his love for Chloe as he ate it?) Or maybe he's "not dead yet"?? if there was ever a body that had the mass to disperse the toxins, it's Edgah. but then again, that didn't work for Farley. (is that inappropriate? i thought so, too.) Moving on... but not really... what's the status of Tony, RoboHenderson, and A-Mart? I'm assuming Tony will live. why you ask? b/c if tony and jack don't team up, I'm out. Done. I don't care about RoboH. did he say a word the whole episode other than "I", "can't" and "say" all episode??? eff him. JB shoulda popped 'em when he had the chance. and finally, Lynn. oh, boy. i'm lost here. I'm gonna go w/ goner here. Just a gut feeling. I don't know. I suppose he dies b/c he was a wuss and didn't say anything about the card. 24-Karma and all.

More downer ish:
My favorite little thing Carrie (she's mine, witz). stabbed in the back. literally. gah. that's a shame. we're (again) stuck w/ the Rats of Kimh as the token eye candy. "DAMNIT!" This pill was even harder to take today b/c my roommate was watching Season 2 on tv(?) and michelle was so hot. I should also note that this episode also included the dynamic duo of JB and KATE WARNER!

(yeah, but you never thought that name would get dropped in this blog, didja?!?) what a team that was.

ok, i'm out. chew on that anticlimax.


ps: before it gets too old. witz: what's the deal w/ your mom? calling and telling you about kim last week? I wish I could have heard that convo. this brings me to my next point, don't smoke crack... er, DON'T WATCH THE PREVIEWS!!!!


Blogger WitzPickz said...

Absolutely Barry and Mike are gonna have a sleaze-off. Dead Carrie's all yours. And as for the phone call, yeah, I know! We never watch the previews over here in Chez Witz, but since I'd seen it coming since the end of last season, I wasn't all that annoyed or surprised when the impending doom was revealed to me.

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