Monday, March 06, 2006

Joining The "24" Blog Group

I wanted to post this before the episodes tonight in the hopes of getting more posts from more people this week. A lot of people have mentioned to me that they would like to post or know people who would like to post on the site. There are two ways to post on the site. The first method is just to use the "comments" sections at the bottom of each post, which is great and I encourage everyone who reads an article to post a comment to at least let the rest of us know that someone is reading what we write. The comments, however, are mostly a response to someone else's ideas and aren't always noticed or read by everyone. The second way to post, and the one I would love to see of, is the actual "posts" that show up on the main page. To do this, you need an invite, which is very very easy to get. Just email with your email address, and I will send an invite from the blog for you to accept and get posting immediately. I also want to reiterate that not all the posts have to be funny which has apparently been intimidating some people who would otherwise be posting. The more people we have posting the more interesting, amusing, hilarious, and insightful the blog will be.

Keep It Jack,


Blogger JKow said...

Damn you and your pictures. Stop pressuring me into being creative. I hate you.

Siri-ously, though, everyone, please make some commments. It's so easy. Things such as "I agree w/ the Ho and the XYZ theory", "I peed myself when I read about ABC, J-Geto-ver it" or "JKow, shut up. please." Even the random "Jack Bauer rocks" works. 'Cuz then the Sports Guy and the Tuesday AM QB can use those comments are run w/ them. You know?

ok, that's it.

baue-r down before your maker,

ps: thanks for checking in w/ us, JBisGOD. I'm glad you enjoy the blog.

8:10 PM  

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