Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Day 6

It came. It stunk. It's over.

We met Jack's family. They are now dead.

Audrey is whacked. Her dad is a dick (even though he did drive his car off a cliff for JB last season).

Chloe is having a child. Can you possibly become depressed within the womb by your mother cutting down everything you do? If so, little O'Brien is gonna be one depressed baby. Please god, I hope this is the reason why she isn't on season 7.

Nadia/Milo/Ricky Schroeder/JB's sister-in-law (quasi-love-interest) good season. See you never.

Bill and Karen, happy retirement. You can only get fired/resign so many times.

JB... you were incredibly sweaty to end season 6. Once again, you saved the world from evil. You might as well join Heroes and kick Sylar's ass. Or go coach high school football in Dillion, Texas. Or move to Agrestic and grow some stuff with Nancy Botwin. Or hang with Vinnie Chase and the boys. Maybe you could go to B-more and try to bust Avon Barksdale with McNulty. But, since I doubt that you will do any of that, please leave Los Angeles. I'm tired of LA, and I assume that you are as well. LA has taken everything from you. Follow the inspiration of Nip/Tuck and give another city a shot.

Seasons 5 and 6 sucked. Here's to two (contractually obligated) much better final seasons.

- A-money


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