Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My Two Cents

I'll say it-- I've actually been alright with the last two weeks of 24. I've watched them late and on tape, and while I don't buy much of what they're sellin'...I'm kinda ok with watching it.

1 Cent: Jack's Dad looks exactly like Droopy Dog's Dad which means that Jack is probably ALSO related to that terrible Droopy Dog President.

2 Cents: No way Jack's dad kills Graem. I mean sure, no way they're related, but c'mon-- why once again kill off a character you could have gotten some plotline from. All my money is now on Smarmy O' Brien (also, should his last name be O' Brien? Why is it? Why is Chloe's last name O' Brien? I'm so confused.) to drop some greasy british shit on the terrorists.

Come Back To Witz Or Forever Hold Your Peace,


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