Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Few Things

Since I was in a Super Bowl funk (being that I worked for the Host Committee and had to attend a plethora of events, but ultimately did not watch ESPN or read for a two week period to avoid Peyton), I had to play some catch up in the world of JB the past couple days.

First, the question of Bluetooth and JB. It is very conceivable that BT and JB are brothers. BT was introduced last season as the John Travolta in Swordfish of the 24 universe. He apparently is a person who wants to protect America by circumventing normal diplomatic solutions, and uses force whenever necessary. He had Palmer, Tony and the likes offed. Last season made it seem as if he basically controlled the President. He was a dastardly character that you never learned much about last season, and that is exactly why he can fit into the role of Jack's brother. He was a leery BT wearing guy in a room with similar fellows, so they left it completely open for his development. He could have been anyone, making him JB's brother just adds some intrigue (makes him a character that you already knew from the past, a person with connections to JB, a person who is responsible for killing the best president ever).

Second, I agree with the points about JB's dad. I would have liked to see Donald in that role too (he may be too tall for Keifer's nobody-taller-than-me rule). It seemed like the show was going to go in the direction of Indiana Jones with the father son combo (which I would have enjoyed, especially if a young ethnic child was there and yelling with a stereotypical accent). After dad pulled the "enough torturing of your brother" look on JB, it was interesting to see him kill BT.

As of right now, I have no idea where this show is going.
  • Miles seems to be in dire straits.
  • Chloe has begun to suck less, but I think that is a ploy by the writers to make some characters likeable on the show.
  • I want more Nadia.
  • I called the habeas corpus stuff in December (though this doesn't matter to the rest of America, I am throughly appreciative of this being in the show. I like whenever stuff that I learn about in law school is talked about in the real world, aka 24).
  • DMX is the worst president ever... ever.
  • The guy from Ghostbusters is really good at being annoying. I feel like he has ties to JB's Dad's company in some fashion (or the company may kill him for impeding on their rights to terrorize).
But seriously now, I cannot deal with all of this negativity. Are we so quick to forget some of the blunders of the past in 24:
  • The mountain lion
    • Speaking of that, getting rid of Elisha Cuthbert all together
  • Killing Palmer last season
  • Jack killing his boss
    • While cool, so ridiculous on so many levels
  • The russian roulette game during the prison break
I think the most laughable part of the show is the fact that the nuclear bomb went off in LA and CTU isn't dealing with a massive riot in the city (similar to season 4 with the whole blackout and shootout with Bruno the terrorist).

- A-money


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