Thursday, February 01, 2007

Not for the show: For the blog

I just read an article in Bar Stool Sports (a free bi-weekly Boston paper about "things guys talk about at bars") that included a blurb about our "favorite" show. I had to post an excerpt... that made me laugh out loud on the subway...and attract awkward stares... Anywho, the excerpt:

'I just don't get how they still don't have Caller ID at CTU. Every second is priceless; Bauer can't be wasting time introducing himself to everybody. "Chloe - Bauer." "O'Brien - Bauer." "Mr. President, Jack Bauer." "Chloe, this is Jack again." My grandmother has Caller ID, surely you think they'd have that kind of technology at CTU. That said, I liked the part when they nuked Los Angeles.'

I'm glad other people laugh at this show, too.

If anyone is still reading this, I'd like to second Mr. Witz' idea that Capt. Bluetooth is NOT Jack's brother. No EFFING way.

This "fact" along with the fact that Donald Sutherland is NOT playing Jack's dad made me not watch "the show formerly known as 24" for the first time. I heard I didn't miss much. Dah-well.


PS: I heard the phrase "jumping the shark" in the same sentence with "24" on tv (news? Daily Show? the soup?) this weekend. Methinks they're a touch late with that one.


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