Thursday, January 25, 2007

24: You Blew My Mind, But You Broke My Heart

Ok "24" if that is your real name. You've gone too far. Clearly, as nobody has posted about this week's episode, we are all in a bit of a mind-funk from last week's show. To be honest, I can't remember too much of the show. What I remember is this-- Jack's brother is Captain Bluetooth? Yes, it blew my mind when this was revealed-- but it also broke my heart. Because no "24", Captain Bluetooth ISN'T Jack's brother. That's insane. You can't just drop on us after 5 seasons that Jack has siblings who are readily accessed and haven't been previously mentioned or accessed. This was a desperate move by arrogant writers/creators to throw in a "TWIST" that we couldn't believe. And the fact is, I can't believe it. Real writing has depth, foreshadowing, groundwork. This week you just decided to go b-a-n-a-n-a-s on us (and you have no idea how hard that was to type on a ergonomical split side keyboard) and it cut me deep. Remember: Television Audiences that stay together, buy into your plot together....if they prayed together that woulda flowed better, but that's just not what they do. With no reason to believe that Jack is related to Bluetooth, or that he has a living father (and how can't you have Donald Sutherland play his dad, seriously), we can't buy into your twist. Twists need careful planning so when we find out what happened we say, "HOLY SHIT, OF COURSE". This time we all went, "HOLY SHIT-- Huh??" This all goes back to season one when you stated on the DVD, "we killed Jack's wife because people wouldn't expect it. We wanted to show that anything can happen." Well, except for Jack dying thanks to that contract. That's all I can say right now other than Assad is still dope, Fayed cannot possibly drive fast enough to escape the nuclear blast, and I already wish Kumar didn't go to that great big White Castle in the sky.



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