Monday, March 05, 2007

A&E Shows Old 24s

Since I am currently unemployed, I have been viewing old 24s on A&E (only reason to watch this channel). I recently saw a season 3 episode that I somehow had forgotten about (no, not the russian roulette game during the prison break). It was the episode where JB has to murder his boss from CTU (sidenote, a silent countdown ends the show, so the Edgah silent countdown wasn't even original). Pretty ridiculous, even after all of the stuff in season 5.

Now I bring up this episode, not only because of its craziness, but because of who else you see during the show.
  • Chase - After watching him in action, I'm very upset he isn't on the show anymore. He was a very solid couterpart to JB, even a possible replacement. The fact that he isn't on the show upsets me more than Michelle, as much as Tony, but not even close to Palmer.
  • Sylar - I completely forgot that the enemy of the Heroes was a CTU computer guy. He was kind of a Chloe slash Edgah type, before her bunkass was around (and his fatass, I'm still not upset that he died from the nerve agent). Now I tivo both shows, but I am currently more involved with Heroes (yeah I said it. drama like 24. answers, unlike lost. girl from remember the titans... all grown up. great show.)
  • The Korean guy from Lost - he was Chase's partner. Apparently, 24 just makes solid actors.
I don't really know what to say about this season. The torture has gone a little over the top, JBs dad is a real snake, and Droopy needs a shave. I have been in LA for the past week, and I have tried to act like I was JB as much as possible. I really have no idea how someone could fight terrorism here, the city is so spread out and there is so much traffic. JB would spend half his day beeping his horn, losing his cell signal, and flipping the bird on the highway.

But I still watch. JB is a once in a lifetime character, and I don't want to miss out on any of his adventures.

- A-Money


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