Saturday, February 10, 2007

At script writing school, I learned how write scripts and become a script writer

1. Capt. Bluetooth’s name is spelled “G-R-A-E-M”? We’re sure this isn’t Dawson’s Creek? (hmm... Pacey… he’s not doing much these days… 24 anyone?)

2. Here is a tasty lick from some recent interview… where Chloe may have made out with Rush Limbaugh:

““People will ask, 'Well, why did you kill [Counter Terrorist Unit computer technician] Edgar [Stiles]?' 'Why did you kill [agent] Tony [Almeida]?'" Surnow said. "Because this is a war, and in war, there are always casualties. You have to care about the people that are paying the price or the show doesn't work."”

Wait, you’re sure that it doesn’t have anything to do with the whole “it's important for viewers to believe that "anything can happen on the show"” schtick?

Here’s the rest:

3. If anyone was worried if they’d ever be able to regularly watch Bates football in the near future, fear not. Tuesday AM QB has your answer:

“As broadband and cheap video production proliferate, high schools and non-football-factory colleges will start broadcasting their own games. I'm betting that within 10 years, a significant portion of America's high schools and colleges will be self-broadcasting games over the Web. Your computer will sling the image to your HD television, which by then may be your HHHD television. You'll click off Fox – 10 years from now, Jack Bauer will have just 24 hours to stop an asteroid from striking the Earth, and his dog will be kidnapped! – and you'll watch your high school play its crosstown rival, or your college play its homecoming game.”

4. Watch out, animated terrorists, even you’re not safe!

5. Did anyone else notice that Jack dodged an explosion in each of the first five episodes without a scratch?
1-suicide bomber on subway
2-Hellfire rocket from attack copter
3-grenade in self-storage lot
5-helicopter on house

6. Finally, a response to the DashMan RE: Capt Bluetooth:

A-$$ stated:

"He was a dastardly character that you never learned much about last season, and that is exactly why he can fit into the role of Jack's brother. He was a leery BT wearing guy in a room with similar fellows, so they left it completely open for his development. He could have been anyone, making him JB's brother just adds some intrigue (makes him a character that you already knew from the past, a person with connections to JB, a person who is responsible for killing the best president ever)."

Au contrare, everything that CBT was last season is exactly why he CANNOT be a Bauer. CBT and JB being brothers does not add intrigue but adds stupidity. In the context of the plethora of mis-steps you have filed in your previous affidavit, this lame-ass move is like a (huge) cherry on top of a ten-scoop 24 eff up sundae. Not to get too legal-ese on you, I feel that it is my position to present my findings that, in fact, nobody has been “quick to forget” what has been done ad initio. Heretofore, I do not wish to proceed ad nauseum, so I willeth wrap it upeth and say Kim stayed around WAY too long and Russian Roulette was a great TV scene that can't be duplicated.

-JKow out

PS. Some non-24-related hilarity:


Blogger momula said...

~*> first to post about last night's show <*~

Due to my advanced age, I am not so picky about the plot twists of '24' . . . I am willing to follow, at least for a while, the ramblings of the writers. . . . confession: I have been a fan of 'Numb3r''s Dr. Larry Fleinhardt (smart & goofy), aka Tom Lennox, and was rather devastated when Larry was literally - in the show - shot into space via the space shuttle in order to provide him time to go be a doomed almost-evil-doer on '24' . . . . last night proved that he's just a megalomaniac, not yet part of a master scheme to take over the world . . . . hope he dies soon, so he can relax and go back to 'Numb3rs' and Megan.

4:09 AM  
Anonymous Modesty said...

People should read this.

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