Monday, January 15, 2007

Oh JB, what did those Chinese do to you?

Quick comments:

1 - Solid first four hours.
2 - Excited that Kumar came, was actually a terrorist (think he actually wanted to be a terrorist on the show, to toughen up his image?), and died on the way to the hospital
3 - Don't like that I had to change to "new-blogger" to write this
4 - Wayne Brady Palmer is awful. And even if there is a black president, he will be void of facial hair (cause he looks like a skinny DMX)
5 - JB took some heat, but it only takes a small half mile nuclear blast to reverse those 20 months of torture.

Don't act like you aren't happy that this is back. And I do like heroes, and I know it's gonna be at the same time, but that is what tivo is for (once you get it, you cannot remember life without it).

I like that they barely acknowledged that last season ever happened.

- A dash


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