Monday, October 16, 2006

3+ More Months

Yeah I had to do it. I dont care what you say. I'm first. "The first to what?" you might question. The first to discuss the impending season of 24 (Dia numero seis).

Okay, so we left Jack being tortured by the Chinese over some spilled milk (in the 24 world, killing ambassadors on embassy soil is considered "spilling milk"). Nobody knew where Jack was, except for us (on a boat leaving America, similar to the ending of Fantastic Four, with Dr. Doom leaving to go back to become a less sucky villain). Also, a side note on the FF, as I like to call them; that movie was made by fox as well, nice to see them end their biggest summer blockbuster of 05 the same way they ended 24.

In the time since this occurred some fun stuff has happened in the real world.
1. 24 won lots of emmys
1a. for the debatable worst season
2. The US decided that real life CIA agents can act like JB
2a. Some stupid conservative lady justified the actions of the real world CIA by citing the popularity of 24
2b. No more habeas corpus, gurantee that comes up on the show
3. NorKor decided to set off some nukes
3a. Hopefully they use the puppet from Team America to represent Kim Jong Illa on 24.
4. No more JB's girl (shes on the nine now)

Now I will list the new stars:
Chad Lowe
Peter MacNicol (Ally McBeal),
Regina King (Ray),
James Cromwell (Babe),
Kal Penn (Harold & Kumar),
Marisol Nichols (In Justice),
Alexander Siddig (Syriana)
Harry Lennix (Commander in Chief).

Wow, Kumar (how do you spell that, with a Q or with 3 O's?) is on 24. I thought it was bad enough when Rudy (Rudy, Rudy) was on the show, but at least he got killed quickly. But seriously, what the hell? The fact that they only have people on for a season now stinks. I want Tony, Palmer, and the likes back. (If I was writing the movie, it would take place between seasons 2 and 3, when JB was developing his heroin habit with the mexicanos).

Also, this season takes place 20 months after last season. I think it would be cool if the Chinese use JB to kill people in the US (especially Kumar), but then he will turn and dominate the Chinese.

Honestly, this season cannot be worse then the last one.

- A dash


Blogger JKow said...

I have to chime in with some character odds:

6:1 Alexander Siddig (Syriana and Star Trek: Deep Space 9): head terrorist
2:1 Qooomar: CTU computer dork
2:1 Harry Lennix (Matrix sequels): angry
1:10 James Cromwell: POTUS
1:500 Marisol Nichols: hot

9:22 AM  

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