Wednesday, May 03, 2006

24 Magazine

20-to-1: Jack will opt for dual tazers over dual pistols some time soon.
2-to-1: We still get a “Get off my plane” quip before Jack’s hijacking ends.
1-to-2: Droopy blows his brains out at the end of the season. (That’s right, I’m sticking to it)

Your own personal IMDb

To answer my own question from Saturday, the Bluetooth guy is, in fact, a recognizable actor. I remembered Tuesday morning that he played a higher-up on ER. More importantly, I’m pretty sure he was a dick in that show, too.

How sketchy was the Air Marshall’s (Band of Brother’s Joe Toye) mustache? I think we now have a quadrilogy of super sketchers this season: Mr. Kim Bauer, Mike “the Skeeze” Novick, and (A)VP. Side note: where’d the veep go? To bed?!? Sider note: what happened to Aubdrey, Curtis and Christopher “Never shortened” Henderson? I know LA has bad traffic, but at 2 AM? During martial law? Sidest note: Wayne? Aaron? Anybody?

This week’s sign of the APOCALYPSE:

Chloe gets hit on… within 24 hours of having a co-worker for a bed-buddy. Yikes!

Bates Rates

Hoodies- Thumbs Up (way up)
Note: I can now explain to my boss in two words (“Homeland Security”) why I wear a hoody every day.

Use of the word “Bowels”- Thumbs… um…down, I guess
Note: What an image: Jack climbing out of something’s bowels.

BuCANNON in a Beater- Thumbs Down
Note: Where was the Tall Boy?

Wax Beans- Thumbs Up
Note: They needed a confidence builder after a bully picked a fight with the most harmless kid on the playground.

Crazy Homeless People- Thumbs Down
Note: Supposedly my roommate’s girlfriend’s friend got KICKED by a homeless person last Saturday night. Don’t get any ideas, Witz.

Chloe Action Sequences- Thumbs Up
Note: Keep ‘em coming.


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This was the first glimpse of the old Jack this season. Could I have odds on Curtis being on Henderson's team and whacking Audrey?

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