Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Close to the End

So, we are nearing another close to a random 24 hour period in Jack "Keifer is a girl's name" Bauer's life, and this period has been quite possibly the most random. JB comes out of hiding, airport is taken hostage, he is going to save russia, now the US, some nerve gas, every major character dies, robocop's face is a bad guy, homeland security takes over CTU, JB takes over a plane, the president is evil and isnt as stupid as we thought (oh wait, yes he is). I think I covered most of the major plot points, except for one... the recording (which warrants its own paragraph).

Now this one stupid recording is the only piece of evidence against the president. If I had it in my possession, I would call every person programmed in my phone and play it to them (more people to hear the evidence), and the people who didn't pick up, they would have a nice message waiting for them in the morning (oh wait, that would also be duplicate recordings). I mean JB came into possession of this thing around midnight-ish, at least 75% of his programmed numbers would be fast asleep and he would have tons of copies of the recording (unless he only has Kim, Aubdrey, CTU and Tony programmed in his phone... and on that note, 25% would be dead [sorry Tony]). I get pissed everytime I see that thing, because even I know that I could make a copy of it.

So with the most random 24 hours (sans 2 hours) under our collective belts, let us realize one thing: If you have a recording of something that could be used against someone else, play it on some one else's voicemail, just so you know there is another copy floating around.

- A dash

Note: I don't even need to get into the fact that I almost broke my living room table when I thought Curtis was going to be dead after being shot by a god damn mexican hacker terrorist


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