Tuesday, October 17, 2006

(24+6)*3 Days To Go Until My Life Gets A Little Worse

I have to commend A-Dash on being the first to stir up the memories and the hatred of the show I will no doubt end up watching in the coming months. He is indeed "the first" and it will give him more authority and legitimacy this coming season than he's ever had. All I know is that Jack better make some life adjustments quick, because his shit is boring-- and here's why.

The reason for all of the hype of last season and even more so for next season is that "you've never seen Jack with so little-- he's totally in the gutter." Well great, but as I think we stated last season, I KNOW JACK BAUER IS GOING TO BE SWEET AND OVERCOME ODDS-- that's no longer unexpected. So make the damn show interesting and don't base all the Emmy's and season prestige on how shitty you can make Jack's life and still have him shoot three dudes just in time to save the Postmaster General. I think this started right at the end of the 1st season and I just didn't quite realize it at the time. The director's commentary on why they killed Jack's wife was because "nobody expected it." Not because she got a new contract, not to teach Jack or the audience a lesson about "getting it all." but simply because as the audience we didn't see ANY reason for her to die so they killed her. God, I'm am NOT looking forward to this season.

A-Dash Was Here First,


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