Friday, March 31, 2006

"The Sentinel" Is Going to Rock Our Worlds

I can't remember the last time I saw a preview for a movie and spontaneously started jumping around like a little girl giggling, "omigod, omigod, omigod!!!" But that's what happened the other day when all of a sudden a preview came on the television for The Sentinel. The film stars Kiefer Sutherland as some sort of counter terrorist unit federal agent type do-sweeter. Sounds like 24 which could go either way, but here's the glory: Michael Douglas is the co-star. While Michael Douglas is most likely a womanizer, cheating, egotistical bastard, I love the man on film. From Wall Street to The Game to Wonder Boys, the man can act, and i'm constantly happy with his work. The combo of Kiefer and Michael Douglas made me not only giggle and jump around the apartment, it made me have to run over and call somebody. Like I just got engaged or got a job or had my first taste of red meat on pizza.

The Sentinel is like 24: The Movie without suffering the indignation which comes with making a full film out of a tv show. Coincidentally, last week I made a reference to the made for tv movie that Saved By the Bell did before going off the air, and this week I see an ad for a 24 ripoff movie? A) I'm the man and B) I'd say 24 is definitely in its last season. Aside from everybody being dead, Kiefer has started looking for other work, and with typecasting in full effect, who would ever want to see Kiefer on a small screen again, when he can shoot, kill, torture, swear and bare his nudicles on the big screen? 24 is back...only it's not called 24 and I have to pay money to see it...but i'll be the first in line when Kiefer and Michael face off.

Keep It Jack (or whatever his new character's name is),


Blogger WitzPickz said...

Wow. Talk about let downs. I just went and read a thread on and was immediately shot down by everyone who saw the preview showing of the movie.

"ive seen the movie..he plays a very waterdown jack bauer..if that even..when it was over..people in the crowd said simply "jack bauer woulda shot him". sooooo you get the idea."
-some kid-

Also, the easter bunny is a lie and Sean Connery likes dudes. Dammit.


5:23 PM  
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