Friday, March 03, 2006

no effing joke

scene: about 1 minute after WWJBD gets OWNED!!!! by Christopher Henderson:

My buddy Tilden ("Tildo" to some): "hey, do you know who he [Henderson] is?"
Jkow: "is he someone?"
Tilden: "Yeah"
...10 second pause...
Jkow: (tentatively) "Robocop?" (1)
Tilden nods... (2)
Jkow: "did you know? I mean ahead of time?"
Tilden: "yeah"
Jkow does the slow double fist raise ala HHH: "HOLY ISH!!! THAT'S EFFING AWESOME!!! I should get like major, um, points for that!" (3)

end scene. (4)

1. to quote myself here: "IMDB THAT ISH"
2. ...his huge head.
3. A very eloquent statement on my part here.
4. The following took place last night, er, this AM between 12:15 AM and 1:05 AM when Tilden and I watched this week's episode for the first time.


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