Wednesday, February 15, 2006

LOST in 24

So, I was really hoping to find an entertaining (new) posting to read today (weds) during my lunch break. bastards....

I guess that means I have to post instead. "DAMNIT!!!"

Moving on:
Where'd Diane Huxley and her son go last episode? Did they finally find their way out of CTU? What I'm getting at is that 2 weeks ago, I think, the pre-commercial split screen showed them walking (somwhat speedily) somewhere in CTU... and then they were still walking post-commercial split screen. is the place really that big? I mean, there's only like 5 employees at a time (Buchanon, Chloe, Edgah, Curtis, Spencer) and then plus random hangers-ons like Audrey "go to hell and you DIE" Raines and Austin Martin-wise Gamji (sp?) and the more than useless medical and security people. Did Diane and her son get lost in the "death rooms" perhaps? See deaths of Terri, Nina, Paul Raines, CTU headmistress' daughter, British terrorist from season 3..and the list goes on (I'm sure). Or perhaps they got lost in the "Mole" room (that back shady area where Chloe caught Spencer, for this season's example).


ps: i'm thinking of starting my acting career as a Airport/Mall/other security guard on 24. I don't want to get too tied down w/ my first job.


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