Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Q&A (not to be confused w/ T&A)

in no particular order (other than when i thought of them)

Q: did anyone else notice how effing funny last night's episode was?
A: no? "DAMNIT!!" I think chloe should be up for a golden globe for the "funniest awkward sidekick in a musical, comedy, drama, documentary, drama-dy, mockumentary or real-time show "

Q: how awesome was the scene at the beginning at the airport w/ Curtis' strike team hanging onto the side of the SUV?
A: very

Q: when i said "awesome", did I mean "funny" more than anything else?
A: yes

Q: who wanted a three-some w/ Audrey (Q: or is it Aubrey? A: who the eff cares!), the hot redhead Diane (from the short-lived baywatch hawaii, btw [no, I did NOT imdb that shit, i just knew it], and jack?
A: me (though I'll have to TM my buddy Tilden on that one)

Q: was the redhead my favorite on baywatch?
A: ...obviously

Q: Has Egdah gotten fatter since last season?
A: no, seriously, did he? I thought so, too. (side note, I wish Edgah would start doing the Edgar Renteria obnoxious oblique/side stretch that he did all the effing time!!)

Q: can you TM "snipe"?
A: ehh....


Blogger Siri said...

LOVED the strike team hanging off the SUV.

10:27 AM  
Blogger WitzPickz said...

Sniped(tm) is a group trademark that we vaguely own the rights to. We also vaguely own "yowzah!", "Slamwhich" and "forensic anthropologist."

10:45 AM  

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