Friday, January 27, 2006

a little mid-week action

wow... this thing is a flourish of activity post-monday 9:00pm EST... and then...

Here's something for you to chew on: how effing fast is this season moving through the plot? first season it took 12 episodes to get through the Gaines group and another 12 for the drazens... now it's 4 shows and the airport goons are done.

And another one: How is it that the terrorists are so smart that they plan diversion after diversion to get to their ultimate goal? They should try to KISS (keep it simple stupid)... especially considering the audience of fox and their news outlet.

Finally: if CTU has become better and better at sniffing out ridiculous terrorist plans (see above), how come they still have the worst HR(hiring moles... and KIM!!!)/medical(everyone effing dies) and security departments (how many times has someone snuck in/out, shot a terrorist after their husband died of a weaponized plague, drugged their boss, done heroin, snuck a baby in, gotten sniped on the loading dock, etc, etc, etc)?


PS: who would win in a fight between Curtis/Palmer (big and black)? Chappelle/Mike Novik (squirly, white, and bald)?


Blogger WitzPickz said...

Thanks for pointing our the mid-week drought. We're thinkin' up some things to keep the midweek interesting, but in the meantime, I encourage everyone to post whatever's on their 24 mind, to add to the Jack Bauer Facts section, and to jump in on any of these conversations. NOW:

In the Curtis/Palmer card, I have to go with Palmer. I know that's the obvious pick, being Palmer and all, but with my sports-betting reputation of always managing to pick the favored team that will get upset (note: I unfortunately bet on this team every time), I'm STILL going with Palmer.

Palmer matches Curtis nicely with height and weight, although Curtis might have a few more pounds of muscle on him. It's the young buck trying to take down the old bull, and if it were just that simple, I'd go Curtis. It's not that simple. You have to look at the Millar Effect (The Intangibles, coming soon from Pixar).

Curtis is young and militarily trained. That's about where it ends for him. Palmer has quick decision making skills, the ability to analyze a situation and act accordingly, and he's had to deal with Sherry Palmer up until her luscious death. He has years upon years of practice staying on his toes and being ready to chop block, and toss an opponent in a split second. No training could match the lifelong training of Sherry Palmer...and biting heads off chickens for luck. That's just hard.

10:51 AM  
Blogger JGeto-ver it said...

That's a tough call. Curtis has the police hand-to-hand training, but Palmer is a big guy, and he might be willing to put more on the line knowing he has good insurance. Ultimately I think the smart money is on Palmer because being dead, he can haunt Curtis at will. I would also place a small wager on Sean Astin. Wait! He's a Stocky White Guy! He'll never make it in the Big Black Guy league! Oh yes he will. Rudy will bite ankles all day long until he proves himself.

10:57 AM  
Blogger WitzPickz said...

As for the Chapelle/Novick card, is that even a fight? Didn't Chapelle have SARS or something? Or was it crabs? I can't remember, but either way, he was a tiny little man. Mike Novick on the other hand, is a short, but solid hunchbacked man with not only two fists and two legs, but the "stink-eye" as well. Chapelle is no match for that combination. Novick would mop the floor with him, and then convince everyone else that Nina Myers did it.

FUN FACT!: Nina Myers can actually trace her lineage back all the way to Oscar Mayer. Well known to be a part of the Hispo-German Madia, Oscar caused future Mayer's to drop the "a" (to break the connection) and add the "s"(to always remember) to their name. This inadvertently led, however, to years of "Oh, That's bologna!" jokes at CTU whenever Nina would speak, and this was ultimately the cause of her terrorist defection to her roots.

10:58 AM  

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