Monday, April 03, 2006

Prison Break

Well, well, well. Droopster decided to put himself on the map of the mega-twists. I really don't have much of a reaction to this episode, other than I can't wait to see Jack Bauer versus a tank next week. The following is what i was writing during the beginning of this weeks episode, I actually had that little faith in 24 for this week that I was writing while the show was going on and not really paying attention. It's my feelings on Prison Break:

OK, so this is my first quasi-non-24 post. And it will be very quick. But after ripping Prison Break a couple weeks ago, I would like to make a short list of reasons why it is actually better than 24 right now.

1 - Mike "Still Tippin on Four-Fours" Jones was on the show

2 - Micheal "I have the largest tattoo ever" Scofield is quite possibly more itelligent than every character on 24 right now , even miss-sexual-harrassment-sassy-ginnger-from-CalTech (except JB, which doesn't even need mentioning).

3 - Pretty good lookin group of ladies, with a lawyer and a doctor taking care of the fellas. And they put out, which apparently never happens on 24 (and thinking of stuff that doesn't happen on 24: eating, sleeping, urination, taking a breather... but oh wait, they have dealt with cougars before)

In closing, the Break grew on me when it started, but now it's starting to be my Monday night show. The Droopster will go down and his wife will be the reason. My prediction on season six... prepare yourself... for this... President Bauer. Momma Faison thinks that he will be on secret service, but then she remembered The Sentinel, and said that JB won't appreciate talking into his wrist that much.

Wait for it, and when it happens, remember that I said it.

Thats all for now,
- A dash


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