Wednesday, April 19, 2006


(Late) Kudos:
First up, thank you, A-Team (a full-length movie supposedly "in production"). Thank you for breaking the proverbial ice for last week. If not for you and your law school rants, I don't know if we would have been blessed by the words of wisdom of the Big "Huh? That whistle! It's the HOoooo-Train!” Jose. I'm glad they don’t work the future public defenders of America too hard.

Hose, your insight last week: couldn't be more accurate. On the other hand, Scott Cooper's Nalgene hammer throw: not so accurate. I think that your post would make Cosmology professors around the world very proud... if I can figure out what the class is about.

Listen up:
Chloe: As much as I wanted you to give Sex-Ed a Chloe Chop (ala the assault rifle scene from a year or two ago), I'm glad that I could again witnessed the hilarity of your blackmail. Excellent.

Aubdrey: As much as I wanted Jack to cauterize your arm with those electrical cables, I was hoping for a better death that what you'll probably get. Gah.

Curtis: ...

The Cougar: As much as I make fun of you, please forgive me and come come back this season. Just don't attack Aaron. Take Karen or CTU CRAhater face.

The Cannon: What'd you do with Wayne? Please tell me you didn't have to choke a bitch.

Jack: UPGRADE! Come on, don't you know that 24 has been "Reloaded-ed and Revolutions-ized" like the original Matrix?!? This is just a video game. Complete with weird (though cool) music...

Droopy: As much as you might enjoy the cheesey TV over there, don't go to Spain. Stay here. In a grave. After you commit suicide. Cuz we're due.

Other Notes:
Check out the mini article after the big Kiefer article in the recent Rollingstone. Quite the expose on 24.

I was legitmately pissed that the Bank Manager got the ax two weeks ago. At the very least, he could have done a crappy Kate Warner impression.

If A-Dash is the last one to realize that Joe-Boo is Palmer, then does that mean that "I am the last one" to realize that the actor that plays the Skeez was in Sin City?


PS: What exactly is sensitivity training and is it bad that “my friend” was told he needed it?


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