Sunday, April 09, 2006


So Droopy is behind everything. Unexpected? Definitely. Believable? Mmm, no.

With this new plot development, the complexity of this season’s plot just broke new ground on the “all-time ridiculous-schemes-in-entertainment” scale. What I mean is that S5 baddies’ plan just surpassed the “Ocean’s 11” heist in practicality and “The World Is Not Enough” in believability. I mean, is the character “Pres. Logan” really able to act “shocked and awed” in face of the days events? I don’t think so. However, maybe I’m inadvertently explaining a season-long phenomenon here: the actor who plays Pres. Logan is such a good actor that the famous “Droopy face” is, in fact, a face that the character is making as he attempts to act within the show. You know what I’m saying? No? Your head just exploded, too? Damnit.

So anyways, the plan is just “too much.”

Or maybe it isn’t. Maybe the monkeys-writing-Shakespeare experiment just stumbled upon something brilliant. We’ll have to wait and see. There’s still a bunch of show left for them to have Kim fall into an animal exhibit at a zoo, have Novick unexpectantly kill Aaron (the coolest character left) in a cowboy style duel, and bring Nina back from the dead.



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