Monday, April 17, 2006

I like it

This was a good episode, and I will write mean comments under anybody's post who tries to question this. The conversations alone made this episode good. Like when the President put Novick in his place (The President naps when he wants, dammit!). Also the power play between the droopster and the secretary of defense, this is the stuff that has been missing from this season. Some freaking dialogue that is meaningful, which brings me back to something that I meant to talk about earlier. Remember when that guy Erwich (terrorist number like 3 of this season) called Audrey and demanded to talk to Jack? Well in about 20 minutes of that show, they repeated the same sentence, "Erwich made (blank) do it, so that Jack can talk to him." (go back and look, if you have Tivo, Erwich says it to Audrey, then Audrey says it to JB, Chloe and Buchannon, then JB says it Curtis). I think this may be one of my stinks about this season, and I didn't realize it until there were some much needed power plays this week. Also, where the crap is Curtis these days? Apparently they filled their token quota with Wayne Palmer, so Curtis had to go out on assignment.

I also agree with the ealier post by Witz about the video game status that the show has reached. When the chopper came down I was play by playing it like I had a controller in my hand.
- Hide behind the wheel of the plane
- Pop out and shoot the guys with the biggest guns that comes out of the chopper
- Oh crap, DOD agent just got shot, go get his gun for the ammo
- Take out the random gas tanker near the hanger, bad guys done
- Level over... cut scene the entry to the hanger
- Dun dun dunnnnnnn... boss fight time!

The action scenes are getting kind of ridiculous, but I appreciate a good explosion and shootout with the best of them.

One closing note, if Audrey is to die, think of who is left from the previous seasons:
- Jigga JB (bigga baaaybeee)
- Buchannon and Chloe (running CTU out of Buchannon's den apparently)
- Curtis (out on assignment obviously)
- Wayne P (who can't even hold a gun right, so he is bound to get shot)
- Novick (because no President on 24 can operate without him)
- The craptastic President right now, who will go down, somehow (unless Fox is planning season 2 of Prison Break and season 6 of 24 to coincide, with JB going to jail, and then Michael Scofield getting another tattoo and working with JB to get out of jail in 24 hours).

Nobody steal that Prison Break and 24 idea, I think I could sell that to the WB or UPN (or their new joint station).
- A dash


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