Friday, March 03, 2006

the most dreaded words


I'm late... w/ my post for the week. my apologies. (I didn't see the episode until thursday night). moving on...

So I originally planned to post during lunch on friday. I made a joke about how it was going to be a "nooner" and crap like that. And then I realized that I had nothing, repeat NOTHING to say... b/c I couldn't remember the show... b/c I was a little drunk when I watched it... and then went right to bed. It's ok though: I remembered the Robocop thing and everything came back to me. (I have to say this again: Robocop OWNED wwjbd... TWICE* in one episode!!! that's insane! (*can we count the bomb as a second "owning"?)

The OLD:

Some quick commments to get going.

-Madrid? Damn. you better hope Bill Simmons does some more running diaries so you can get a real-time recap of the real-time show... in real-time (or is it Greenwich Mean Time over there?)

-droopy="president" Charles "Let's-take-a-moment-to-pray" Logan. I love the pics, Witz! you just took this thing to another level.

-that t-shirt is sick! i just might have to buy it... and wear it to work on days that I have to sacrifice (euthanize) my test rats. I'm inappropriate like that. (personal aside/inner monologue: "Wow, I'm a moron. I have a Punisher shirt that I could wear... and now I want to have a choice for executioner shirts. wtf.")

-anonymous commenters... okay. (I originally said "yikes!" instead of "okay" here. I figured I'd be better off NOT discouraging the virgin posters)

-I witnessed a particularly atrocious "drop-off" last night. My buddy Sak (siri-ously, that's his name) and I had 2 UFO's. I then get a Bass. What does he get? a Busch Light. aaaiieeyyeee!

The NEW:

-Is it me or did Edgah put on some weight? I know it's hard to tell when a 310 lb man goes to 330, but come on. I think he's been eating donuts during every commercial break (that's like, every 13 minutes in the 24 verse). This leads me to my next point, (that I've been making for YEARS now) can't they show someone eat or pee during the heat of the action? I would love it if just once, jack was like, "DAMNIT, I gotta piss" or something like that. It would make my day. (jack eating breakfast at the beginning of this season doesn't count. nor does the girl next door eating at the beginning of the second season.) Now, my memory might be a little off here. I have a small inkling that someone ate something in one of the first 2 seasons. but I don't remember. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

-Why is it that all of the sudden, I want to like everyone at CTU? except a-martin, of course. he's a douche. It's like the writers decided to give everyone balls (even Edgah... but he got really tiny ones... and taht was only b/c he wants to get in Chloe's pants). I mean, Audrey: she was the man last episode! and she sucks at life. routinely. (CTU side note: was anyone else mildly attracted to carrie (the analyst, not the psycho telekinetic teebager) and disappointed that she got fired 12 seconds after she made her first screen appearance? No? go shack up w/ yourselves)

-I know WWJBD's the man and all, but dodging the bomb in an enclosed bunker like that? come on now. he's no Neo. or maybe he is... which brings me to my next point: If Jack is the man (and a god), what does that make Henderson?

okay, that's it for now.
bauer down,



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