Friday, February 17, 2006

David Palmer's Big Unit and other TV Spinoffs

This is certainly 24 related enough to post: HOW SICK DOES "THE UNIT" LOOK? David Palmer was like, "Eff this, i'm way cooler than you" and is now part of a SWAT like team where he will definitely be wielding at least one side-arm. Oh hell yeah! It's like Palmer's Revenge. In fact, i'll be calling it Palmer's Revenge up until they make the movie Palmer's Revenge which will actually be an un-related horror movie about either a) Arnold Palmer's Texas Golf Club Rampage b) A really tall basketball player's killing spree involving mostly open palmed smacks, or c) A magician's sleight of hand murders involving numerous paper cuts from playing cards that are never to be seen again. Either way, The Unit has several barely recognizable actors, and I'm sure will be a smash hit. Marketing, baby, marketing.

Keep It Jack Unless Palmer's Involved In Which Case You Can Palmer If You Want To,


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