Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ice Breakers

I supppossseee I'll start things off this week. Here we go:

-I will refer to Mike Novick as "Wormtongue" from now on. (Not to be confused to "wormtail" from harry potter... ). OMG is he creepy!!! and for no reason. gah! Sidenote: his dome is huge!! are his glasses so damn big to try to hide the fact that his head is that big? stew on that one.

-Higher ups in the US govt don't have "undo" buttons on their computers. They have "Jack Bauer" buttons.

-What hour are we in this season? Are we 1/3 of the way? Must be... cuz we just had the 1/3 of the way terrorist turnover. Should have seen that coming.

-As my buddy Joe noted, how is it that everything plugs into/attaches to every cell phone in the 24 world? (EX: the chip from Nathanson) geez, in the real world, you can't even plug a different battery charger into a phone.

Unfortunately, "WE'RE OUT OF TIME" for now...

jeff KAUERleski


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