Friday, January 20, 2006

24: The Post-College Years Mission Statement

So I'm bored, unemployed and wanted to try this whole blog deal out, so I decided to start this "24" blog to attempt to regain some of the humor and glory of watching "24" in The Village. While we may be separated (and Karina is dead to me!), I thought we could at least have a lot of fun venting, joking, or just saying hot strange it is that David Palmer was sniped(tm) and then tried to sell me car insurance. I think it'll be fun, and can expand outside the dynamic world of "24." In closing, I'll simply say that I like my television shows like I like my women: in real time. I think you do too.

Keep It Jack (Peace),


Blogger SurvivorBostonJon said...

This is gonna be sweet. I wonder if it'll actually work.

12:52 PM  

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