Thursday, May 04, 2006

it should be raining.

first off, why didnt the writers have jack just steal one of those reflector jackets off a luggage guy to at least make his boarding the plane a little more believable ? how hard is that.

secondly, isn't the whole plot line of this season dangerously similar to the plot of season, or should i say 'day', two ?? ever since they came out with the plot when jb jacked whitey...i cant remember his name...the suicide guy...the one aubrey know who im talking about. so i forgot what i was trying to say...

ok, i re-read and im back on track

so this plot is a word-for-word replica of season two. america secretly attacks itself / proves there is a serious terrorist threat so that we can attack the middle east / central asia and control the oil flow and blah blah blah. it's not that im mad about this plot recycling that is going on, im just waiting for the main terrorist behind season two to show up now in season five.

"how can someone they caught / killed in season two wind up in season five" you may ask ?

i'll feed you baby birds...

if you remember the end of day two they kill the sleazy-guy-who-doesn't-button-up-his-shirts-all-the-way in that stadium when he goes to meet sherry "what a crazy bitch" palmer, may she rest in peace. but they never do find the man who gives the hairy chested bandit his orders. and at the end of the season this faceless terrorist orders the hit on president palmer by way of a sexy brunette who obviously didn't wash her hands after using the ladies room. yadda yadda yadda this is the same chick who is involved in the gang-bang with secretary heller's son. aka - ryan's brother on the oc

did anyone else see the deleted scenes from the season two finale ? they had one where nina was supposed to be on the boat with the head terrorist who gets away. but then realized that this didn't make any sense and there was no way they could tie the two characters storylines together.

so if you start thinking about it, this season could end in some huge storyline twisting back to when sherry brought a nuclear bomb onto us soil, kate warner still had jack's leather jacket and some other stuff i really cannot remember. with that said im back to having faith in twenty-four.


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