Monday, March 06, 2006

the world needs more teddy bears

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I would say everyone is upset that Edgar was sent on hiatus tonight. That's right, he'll never die. Why? Because he's Edgar, the dude has a photographic memory! I mean it's not like the fact that he's this big teddy bear doesn't help or he's just too cool to go. I am upset. I'm considering even a Bring Back Edgar facebook group i'm that upset. The dramatic finish with the clock not making any noise for the last 3 seconds, however, was burned into my skull and I think fox did a good job with it. I'd like to raise a question though: how good is fox's ability to write a story this season? I think the season is going really well, but somehow I've been able to predict a lot of things in-episode. For example, tonight I predicted that gas was going to be released at CTU while watching the first episode. And before that I predicted something...but it's too late for me to remember what it was. Edgar-trauma. It's crazy stuff. Point is everyone around me was getting annoyed because I was revealing what would happen every 20 minutes. I should write for fox. I'd bring back Edgar.

And Witz, I also noticed our president looks like a pug dog.


Blogger JKow said...

Welcome to the fray, Brodie.

I, too, was quite upset about losing the big guy. There's a strong possibility that I let out an audible "aawwww" when I realized he was locked out of the airtight (what?) conference room. The least the writers could have done here is have sketchy boyfriend (scratch that... "man"friend) Barry suck some syntox. (Having Kimothy die would be too much of a dream come true... i suppose. i would have been OK with Barry and a "character to be killed later".)

I guess if the E-man's had to check out, at least it was while trying to help someone (carrie) in his own lovable loser way. Despite one Albert Brennamin's amazing successes, I guess the moral here is that fatties shouldn't go after hotties. if you do, you die. apparently. I don't know.

btw: half the fun of 24 (atleast for those who watched last season in V2) is trying to guess what's going to happen.

8:59 PM  
Blogger WitzPickz said...


11:23 PM  
Blogger JKow said...

Oh, Sports Guy...You're always picking up EXACTLY what I'm putting down. I love it.

siri-ously, though, palmer needs entrance music. (right of the bat, New Age Outlaws comes to mind. then there's my personal favorite "Master of Puppets"). Discuss.

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