Tuesday, March 14, 2006

WARNING: Post Contains Potential False Hope. Pregnant Women and Those With Heart Conditions Do Not Read

Question: Was the shot that Tony prepared for Henderson, but then received himself, simply another shot of what Henderson had already been getting, or was it a totally new drug that would instantly be fatal? If Tony thought that one more dose of what Henderson had already been getting would put him over the edge since he was supposedly in a coma, there is a chance that Tony lives. Are you following me? Because in that case, what would be an OD for Henderson, who had been getting the drug all day, would simply be a large dose for Tony, and not necessarily fatal.

I would not propigate potentially heartbreaking false hope for no reason. Thinking about Tony's character as a writer, it simply doesnt make sense to bring him back for about 5 minutes of screentime just to kill him again. The only reason that I can think of is so that they get to space out the dramatic material better instead of blowing it all in episode 1.

I think they're bluffing. If Tony really is dead, there are only two explainations: 1. The writers are dicks
2. Tony's contract didn't get renewed

I think that might have been what happened with Palmer since he would be busy with the Unit. Yes, that's the only funny sentence in this post.

The only other explaination I have for everyone dying is this: Season 6 takes place entirely in a zombie world, and everyone is back. Someone find out what George Romero is working on.

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Blogger WitzPickz said...

Palmer got shot because the character had run it's course said the writers and what's his name...Palmer. They said "Oh, but we're gonna need you to come back to film one episode of season five where Palmer gets shot" and he got ripshit and told them not a chance in hell, but then for show continuity, he did it later on.

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