Monday, March 20, 2006

too mad to think up a clever title

what the hell happened tonight ?? i feel as if the show took a huge turn in the wrong direction. well, they've been easing into the turn for the past week and finally decided to pull a tyler durden and drive us all into oncoming traffic. german secret agents ? exploding memory cards ?? redundant sexy terrorists [the warner girl from season two is still my favorite] ?? wayne palmer ? you expect a man in a four thousand dollar suit to run through a drainage ditch...COME ON !!

im a little too mad to write anything that makes much sense right now, but is this going to be the final season or what ?? they've left the show entirely on jack's broad, sexy, chissled shoulders...but really...he hasn't even been carrying the load that well this season. and dont even get me started with curtis ? what is he jeane-claude van damme ?? you too scared you'll get your face hurt so you just choose to have your character completely void of all action and plotlines ?? come to think of it where is the action this season ? this time last year, jack had already killed the population of a small country, and this year people like henderson are running right out of ctu while jack is crying on the floor like a little bitch. damn you fox. damn you to hell.

i really dont know where we're going next week but i can only hope it's far from where the show was tonight. so until nine pm comes around, i am pretty sure that twenty-four and i are not speaking.


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