Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Like Jesus and ripped jeans, I'm back, in a big way.

So the week after I forsook (forsaked? had forsaken?) 24 for boring and crappy plot writing, I sat down to eat a massive burrito from Baja Fresh. I chose steak, thinking myself a man, able to handle the manliest of meats. Perhaps I could have handled it on a normal day, but that day I was a marked man. I am convinced that my 24 badmouthing led none other than Jack Bauer to sneak into the kitchen and poison my burrito. The result was a three day bout with a stomach virus that no one wants to read a blog about. (www.burritochunkinsanity.com)

I missed posting on last week's episode, which, by the way, brought my faith right back around. And then, of course, came last night's blockbuster tandem combo, which blew me right back on my coal mining ass. What a great two hours.

I figured since most of what I would have to say has been said by my contemporaries, I will simply mention a few real time highlights (i took notes in real time!) from my experience watching the episodes with my grandfather.

5:10 PM Tony stumbles from his coma bed to investigate his wife's condition

Grandpa: He should have a Snickers bar. Get some energy.

5:29 Jack sneacks into Henderson's backyard

Grandpa: Long as you're up James, how bout a drink?

5:31 Jack surprises Miriam Henderson

Grandpa: He's gonna shoot her.

5:56 Jack shoots Miriam Henderson

Grandpa: HA! Right in the knee!

5:57 Buchanan calls Curtis, who has found a timer on the canister. Since it will detonate in a minute, the bomb squad won’t have time to stop it. Curtis picks the canister up and runs out of the basement into the hospital wards. He speeds out the door and gets the canister to the tac unit’s truck where it is sealed into a chemical container. They lock it in as the trigger detonates. The nerve gas is contained and the hospital is saved.

Grandpa: (doing arthritis hand excercises) You ever milk a cow?

It all got a bit blurry after that. Two final comments:

1. The hospital terrorist set the bomb timer for 10:00 minutes. Anyone who has ever played Counterstrike could neutralize him, find the bomb, disarm it and upgrade to an M-16 with the win money in 5:00.

2. Edgah should haunt CTU like Bill Cosby haunted his own house in Ghost Dad. (Spinoff!?!?)

And I'm out. JGeto-ver it.


Blogger JKow said...

Jo-ly ish, man. You gotta get your grandpa to post. on second thought, just give us more tasty licks like that. wow. I'm not gonna lie here, but I had a little bit of moisture in the eyes after I got through your mini grandpa running diary.

Geto-ver yourself,


9:06 PM  

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