Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Liberal arts essays, religious fanatics, and 24-induced tears...

If I were still at Bates, this particular episode of 24 would have been a perfect subject to base an 8-10 page paper on. Preferably for a Gender Issues or Soc class, but really, liberal arts is liberal arts. After juxtaposing the breathing patterns of Jack (chooses to hold his breath) and newcomer Barry Landes ("Is taking a deep breath your answer to everything?" -Chloe), I'd tie it all together by analyzing Kim Bauer's search for a father figure. Then again, this is coming from a girl who got a C in Cosmology after writing a final paper based around a line from "Dazed and Confused." I'm glad this blog is semi-anonymous.

Back to Barry Landes, I'm still pretty surprised he's not uber Christian. I could have easily seen Kim turning to God in her time of need... especially since she's made such major transformations in the four and a half years we've known her. She's gone from unruly teenager to nanny to highly unqualified CTU agent (HELLO, she dropped out of high school). I don't see why she can't be born-again next.

Also, in my 4 years of watching 24, I don't think I've cried very often during the show. I can't really remember crying at all, except for when that old guy who ran CTU was dying of something or other and had to say goodbye to his son, or almost said goodbye to his son, or something along those lines. And didn't he get shot in the head by Jack by some railroad tracks, or was that another guy? Also, I ALMOST cried when I thought Aaron was dead after the Russian prez's limo was attacked.

ANYWAY, I DID cry when that random security guard was saying goodbye to his daughter. WHAT A CHEAP SHOT, FOX!! I was all cried out by the time Jack Bauer actually shed some tears for Tony, which only made me feel like a bad person.

And PS, how about "24: The Game"???


Blogger JGeto-ver it said...

I got a "C" in astronomy after writing a final paper about Planet of the Apes!

Then, to complete my science set I got a "D+" in cosmology after electing not to take the final. (For fear that it would lower my grade)

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