Tuesday, March 14, 2006

back in the US of A

Saw my first episode of 24 since January last night. A couple of quick "I'm such a girl" comments..

- Kim's hair is WICKED pretty this season

- her nose got piggier

- her boyfriend makes me want to squeeze my legs closed REALLY tight

- Tony: that is what you get for trying to kill a man in a coma, and attempting to do it with a drawn-out needle injection scene.. jsut freakin shoot him.... was he actually surprised the guy woke up and got him???
**** At this point I would invite someone to write some rules about killing in 24, just like the nerdy movie store boy had in Scary movie (Never say..."I'll be right backkk", virgins never die (obviosuly there is a different set of rules for 24, because kim would have been killed first season after leaving the van with the rock and roll druggies, and edgah would obvi. still be alive)

- my dad thinks Tony might live.. he is wrong, right? I mean how often does Jack start BALLING like he did with Tony in his arms.. Tony is D-E-D Dead as my boss would say...right?

OK well as of Thursday I will be watching 24 from Mexico with Claudia's (Clow-deeah) son and father from season... 2? so keep up the good work...siri-ously!


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