Monday, March 20, 2006

Apparently CTU doesn't learn.

What is truly pathetic in the art of TV writing is how BAD the security is at CTU. Personally, the inconsistencies just anger me. How was Sean Astin able to get back into CTU without his badge/key card? I mean, really... And what about idiot Kim's boyfriend/therapist - what - you just let anyone WALTZ into a highly confidential government building? Lame FOX, so lame. If you think about it, a lot more people would be alive during the CTU series if they just had better security. And what's even more upsetting is the fact that after the first "inside CTU headquarters" death there wasn't some crazy psycho security protocol that was installed. There should be retinal scans or SOMETHING that's less easy to fake than a stupid key card!
Pathetic. Sad. And tragic.

And what's with Jack crying with Tony dying in his arms? When his daughter said that she didn't want to see him again Jack didn't cry? His character is so poorly developed at this point (even though I totally wouldn't cry about losing that whore of a daughter because Tony is/was WAY hotter). Which begs the question, is Jack gay? I mean, you come back after faking your own death, see the woman you loved and you don't try to pull her into those "non-security-camera" rooms and get it on? (btw, the only advantage to have shitty security). There's something missing here... It just doesn't make sense why Jack was all worried and went rushing to Tony, but was avoiding Audrey like she was carrying some infectious disease (no comment). I know you may not like hearing that your testosterone poster child could quite possibly be homosexual, but this is what bad writing does to a person.


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