Friday, February 17, 2006

Lowering the Bar

Hey! Slacker! Are you really intimidated to post here because you don't think you're funny? That's just plain silly. You are smart, friendly and keep good dental hygene. Jon loves you, Jeff loves you, I have had a crush on you since kindergarten. The 24 Blog is obsessed with you. You know that little flip you do with your hair when you're concentrating? That kills us. You have so many friends and the whole football team/cheerleading squad wants to date you. So post a message.

In an attempt to lower the intimidation factor I will now post a completely unfunny entry:

Today at work I was reading the trades and noticed that our man Bauer has started a record label! Apparently the man has been collecting Gibson guitars for years, and he is friends with these artists, and so he started his own label- Ironworks! I don't really understand what his collecting guitars has to do with this, but that's what the article said... Are you a struggling singer/songwriter who needs an edge? Kiefer Sutherland will lend you a guitar and record your songs. Maybe. Who knows. I don't get it. Just go to the website. I think I saw a dijeridoo on there. Uh oh, Jack Bauer + dijeridoo has serious joke potential. Better finish up now.

If no one new has posted by next tuesday, funny or unfunny, I will start killing bugs at random and without remorse. I will kill one for every person I have ever met who has not written anything on this blog.


Blogger JKow said...

You're so unfunny. i can't believe that I contributed money (potentially) to you and your comedy. Go "shack up" with yourself.

8:50 PM  
Blogger no thanks said...

did you see the article about jack bauer's alias [k. suth] buying the hotel's christmas tree just so that he could knock it down in a drunken rage ?? now that's comedy.

1:27 PM  
Blogger JKow said...

No, man. what was the xmas tree thing about?

9:20 AM  

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