Tuesday, January 31, 2006


What material do they make "nerve gas cannister/nuclear bomb/anthrax/the plague" all-purpose stick-on automatic timers out of? They look like the free Brookstones clocks that you get with every purchase of $12.00 or more, which would explain why every terrorist has the same one. But the real question... what makes 'em stick? Do terrorists peel off the sticky paper before they place them? Or are they Brookstones clock MAGNETS?

They stay attached to anything (flat, round, metallic), and somehow, by sticking it on the outside of the cannister, the cannister knows when to open up and infect everyone (if it was a bomb and blew the cannister up that would make sense, but often they dont.. they just tell the cannister when to open up- ie. season 3 when Jack axed off Chase's arm) because I have't quite figured out how to fit a bomb in a brookstone clock yet... But I picked up 3 of em in December when I got my dad's girlfriend a parafin wax foot treatment, so I'll keep trying and let y'all know...

ps: if you don't see any more posts from me, you'll know that google finally sold out to the Feds and they came a'knockin at my door for those bomb comments...


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