Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Most lazy "explain the terrorist plot" line

The missing "yellow tie" hostage (now in a warmer sweater and leather jacket) to his terrorist teammate: "Now those Russians will know what happens to people who occupy our land. We are going to turn Moscow into a graveyard"

His teammate's repsonse? "OBVI ALL CAPS"

What the writers almost used for Yellow Tie's terrorist plot explanation to his fellow terrorist:

"I am so happy that we have unearthed this nerve gas that has been secretly stashed here since the Cold War, and that the Chief-of-Staff of the United States is in on it with us, and that we had to kill Palmer (tear) because he was going to tell Marty, and that it is all perfect timing with the Russian/US anti-terrorist treaty signing.. aren't you? Moohoohahaha"

ps: caitlin sent me this link. I have thoroughly enjoyed what I have read so far


Blogger WitzPickz said...

hahahaha "OBVI ALL CAPS"...classic.

10:51 AM  

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