Monday, January 30, 2006

Get Cage and Connery on The Phone, Now!

If the terrorists decide to take the gas north to San Francisco and hide out on Alcatraz we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Nick Cage and Sean Connery have dealt with this before, and they had to battle Ed Harris!

First of all, I would like to say that the writers of this show have set back my respect for television women 60 years, to the point where I am likely to begin calling them "dames." Audrey actually calls Jack up in the middle of exposing an insider white house conspiracy involving terrorists and nerve gas to ask if when it's all over he will come back to her? And hug her and love her and buy her a puppy?? C'MON. Take a look in Jack's stylish olive drab messanger bag ($49.99 from banana republic) and see what's in there. Is it breath mints? No... Is it cologne and roses? Nope... A valentines day card? No. It's a fucking gun. And probably some ether. And deffinately a little concealed eyeball remover. 24 is sweet enough already. It doesn't need a half-hearted effort at a plot b romance to keep our attention. And girls are yucky.

Aside from this miniscule gripe, which I really played out more than necessary for joke potential, tonight's episode was sweet, proving once again that I get super excited every time Jack threatens to hurt someone in a gruff voice.

Prediction: Now that the first lady has credibility, her true crazy will kick in and people WILL believe her which will lead to trouble. Good night and good luck.

love, James


Blogger JKow said...

You could have a very good point, here, jimmy. How about telling the media what's going on in an immediate press conference... not only will that cause hysteria, but it will make Pres. McSpineless (no offense to the mics out there) look like a fool. but then again, maybe that's what she's actually trying to do... moo-hahaahah

10:34 AM  

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